Our take on Landscape Design

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It is our goal to provide you helpful landscape information and insight into the Green Industry profession on a regular basis, as well as, be your ‘go to’ source when searching for a landscape service provider.

From its inception, The Turf Boss, LLC has provided top quality Turf Care services. In the past few years we have expanded our horizons and our staff to provide a full complement of landscape design-build and maintenance services in addition to our turf care services.

We would like to take this moment to share with you a little bit of information about one of those services ……...…… Landscape Architecture and Design.

Our design staff consists of Nick Kinkley, a registered landscape architect and Kevin Thompson, a landscape horticultural designer.

You might ask, “what makes them so special as designers?”

Simply put, Nick’s formal education, in-depth knowledge and experience in the field of landscape architecture and his Indiana professional licensure allows him to practice as a Landscape Architect and Kevin’s formal education in horticulture and design, has provided him the plant knowledge and design skills that allow him to be an innovative Professional Landscape Designer. Both are committed to providing thoughtful and creative designs, all the while being mindful of the health, safety and welfare of their clients.

You may also be asking yourself, “What exactly is Landscape Architecture or why Horticultural Design?”

The following is our definition of Landscape Architecture and Design:

Landscape Architecture is the study, recognition, development and successful implementation of a design plan to achieve the WOW!!!   in our environment that surrounds us every day of our existence in our public and private outdoor world.

It is constantly moving forward with new innovations relying on the guiding principles and proven theories of the past.  It is the melding of many disciplines to create innovative designs, which promote the Health, Safety and Welfare of the public in our outdoor environments.

It is the culmination of our experiences and the learned knowledge of how to marry function and form….. the contours of the land….. micro and macro climates….. the contrasting of light and dark….. colors….. textures….. plants….. and all things that our earth has to offer.  

It is the understanding that the wrong scale…. can be overtly uncomfortable…..and all things beautiful…. out of scale….. may be hard to truly appreciate.

It is the purposeful creation of space to hurry people through, or to invite them to stop and stay a while. The subtle conveyance of a sense of security, intimacy and belonging.

It is recognizing why the large, vast space is breathtaking………… and the small, intimate space is a respite from insanity.

It is the understanding of why people will use space as they do, and how to create a space that successfully promotes the desired use.

It is the knowing that you can only emulate nature, not recreate the naturally occurring works of God.

Landscape Architecture is the hard core, unseen underpinnings of grading, drainage, soils, footers, footings, fasteners and all things engineered so that everything visible works and lives. It is truly the direct result of the hard work and sweat of many dedicated and impassioned professionals.

It is often under-appreciated and under-valued except, by those who have experienced the WOW!!!  in their world and understand who and what made it happen.

So now that you know what we are all about regarding design and you ask, “I would like to use your design services, but what should I expect when I contact you and how does it all work?”